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Netcoins Crypto Trading API
Connect to our crypto trading API to trade a variety of CAD-to-crypto pairs and USD-to-crypto pairs. The Netcoins crypto API empowers individual and institutional traders to automate their trading activities.
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Why use the Netcoins API?

Live Prices

Get continuous, real-time market data.

Automatic Trading

Fulfill your trades automatically at a price you set.

High Uptime

Take advantage of low-latency, reliable API endpoints for crypto trading and data.

Low Fees

Save money on trading fees and enjoy competitive rates.

Easy Integration

Easily connect your existing software or platform to the Netcoins APIs and start trading in minutes.

Technical Support

Get help from the Netcoins team whenever you need it and resolve any issues quickly.

Why Netcoins?
Top Rated Support
Safety Focused
Fast Verification
Rapid transaction times
Government Regulated
Publicly Traded Company
Crypto API trading FAQs
The Netcoins crypto API trading product empowers crypto traders to connect and control their Netcoins accounts using their own or third-party software. This feature lets traders use their own custom code to conduct market analysis and execute automated trading strategies through the Netcoins platform.

Crypto traders can use the Netcoins crypto API to build and execute countless crypto trading strategies at lightning speed, allowing them to react changing market conditions efficiently. A crypto trader's API strategy can be set to run automatically, without the trader’s intervention.

The Netcoins crypto API is beneficial to high-frequency traders, thanks to the speed at which traders can seize market opportunities. Corporations, institutional investors, and individual traders alike can use the Netcoins crypto trading API to execute a large number of orders in seconds. Traders can also use the Netcoins crypto trading API data streams also allow traders to run market analysis that can guide their crypto trading strategies.

All you need to get started is:
  • a Netcoins account
  • your own, or a third-party software
  • an API key
If you do not have a Netcoins account, get started in minutes by clicking here.
If you already have a Netcoins account and are looking to get an API key, get in touch with us.

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